Get Your Job Done on Time

We’ll meet your delivery dates. Glendo understands Material Requirements Planning (MRP) systems because we use one ourselves. Today, everything depends on a timely delivery… and you can depend on us. Contact us today to get started on a Machine Shop project with Glendo.

Up-to-date Methods

We’ll use up-to-date manufacturing methods that increase your product quality AND reduce cost. Glendo’s modern shop includes a variety of traditional machine tools, CNC mills and lathes, plus integrated computer-controlled machining system that turn AND mill in one operation… with up to 5-axis control.

Save time, money, and work.

We’ll save you time, money, and extra work by combining and managing secondary operations. In addition to machining, Glendo can provide or coordinate plating, heat treating, powder coating, installation of threaded inserts/studs, installation of bushing/bearings, staking and forming, application of engraving logos and scales, and much more.

Let Glendo Simplify Your Sourcing

Glendo has built an extraordinary team of manufacturing people and support personnel. We provide production machining, prototype machining, assembly, design assistance and a variety of related services. For over 25 years Glendo has made a business of exceeding customers’ expectations.

Our machine operators are technically advanced and receive ongoing education at training facilities around the U.S. This means Glendo can make better parts for you, often at a lower cost.


Glendo offers these services

  • CNC and conventional machining
  • Quality control and inspection
  • CAD design and drafting
  • Prototype development
  • Secondary operations
  • Assembly services

Click to view a list of shop machines at our facility.