About Glendo LLC

Decades of Experience & Commitment to Our Customers

Founded in 1977

People from all over the world have come to associate Glendo with innovative products, high-quality manufacturing, and a dedicated workforce. Started in 1977, Glendo continues to lead the industry in tools designed for the jewelry and engraving arts, as well as equipment for industrial and business use.

The unique technology utilized in Glendo’s GRS product line was developed by Don Glaser (Donald A. Glaser) in 1965. Glaser and brother-in-law/business partner John Rohner revolutionized the hand engraving field with pneumatic powered tools and supplies that are now used for engraving, stone setting, wood carving, scrimshaw and more.

Don Glaser’s son, D.J. Glaser, continued his father’s tradition for many years. In 2014 Dyson Dyson & Dunn of Chicago, Illinois, purchased Glendo. Glendo is based in Emporia, Kansas, and is home to a tool manufacturing division, machine shop, employee offices, and a fully-equipped training center.

John Rohner and Don Glaser

Our Employees & Management

Glendo is a small business, with fewer than 100 employees at our Kansas facility. The dedicated people who constitute Glendo’s staff are caring and committed to providing quality products and support for our customers and the artistic community.

President Kim Pember has worked at GRS “a long time” and enjoys facing the challenges that come with working in a global market head-on. Kim began at Glendo in the sales department and worked her way up to the role she plays today. Those who know Kim recognize her smart business sense and tenacious attitude. She has contributed to the company with her forward thinking and love for the arts.

Kurtis Meierhoff is the Production Manager in the GRS machine shop and has been with the company for 15 years. He works daily with over a dozen employees on the shop floor.

Glendo also has a dedicated Product Development Team focused on innovation and service to the industry.

Tool Manufacturing Divisions

Glendo develops, designs, and manufactures dozens of tools for a variety of artistic industries and crafts. Hand engraving and jewelry artists can now work with less fatigue and put more energy into the creative process with tools that make each project less complicated and time-consuming.

Under the GRS Tools product line, air-assist or pneumatic machines such as the GraverMach AT, with its integrated Airtact technology, allow for better and more natural use of the engraving hand with tactile Touch Elements while still allowing foot control when needed.  The recently released GraverSmith is an easy-to-use, entry-level machine that is similar to the GraverMach AT, but with a simple interface for one handpiece using foot control.

Glendo also manufactures the Accu-Finish line of tools. Accu-Finish is another well-respected product line intended for the building and sharpening of cutting tools for industry and the smaller shop.

HandWorker is a pneumatic production tool designed to hold wire crimpers, diagonal cutters, pop rivet guns, wire strippers, and many other hand tools which are handle operated.  This air-actuated device eliminates the repetitive hand and arm stresses faced by workers in a production setting.

Machine Shop

Glendo has built an extraordinary team of manufacturing people and support personnel. We provide production machining, prototype machining, assembly, design assistance and a variety of related services. Glendo offers these services:

  • CNC and conventional machining
  • Quality control and inspection
  • CAD design and drafting
  • Prototype development
  • Secondary operations
  • Assembly services

GRS Training Center

Less than 50 years ago, the field of traditional engraving seemed to be coming to an end. Like many specialized trades, engravers and stone setters were secretive about techniques. Becoming a quality professional took more than half a lifetime.

All that has changed. Now you can learn in days what once took years. What’s the secret? Through the GRS Training Center, Glendo provides a friendly environment with personal access to the best tools and the best instructors. Because the engravers and stone setters of today see the value of passing on this trade to the next generation, you can learn from top professionals who are active in their fields. These pros are passionate – and they want to see you succeed.