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People from all over the world have come to associate Glendo with innovative products, high quality manufacturing and a dedicated workforce. Started in 1977, Glendo continues to lead the industry in tools designed for the jewelry and engraving arts, as well as equipment for industrial and business use.

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As part of Glendo LLC based in Emporia, Kansas, GRS has created the well-known engraving systems such as the original GraverMeister and the GraverMach AT, GraverMax G8, and GraverSmith, along with the Airtact touch control unit. GRS also produced the System 3 and the Power Hone sharpening system for engravers. Jewelers around the world use the innovative GRS BenchMate system holding fixtures for a variety of jewelry work.

Accu-Finish is another well respected product line intended for the building and sharpening of cutting tools for industry and the smaller shop. Using the same low speed diamond plated wheel technology as the highly successful PowerHone, Accu-Finish can accurately sharpen lathe tools, end mills, gun drills and carbide inserts using a high precision table and protractor to insure a crisp, clean grind time after time without heat.

HandWorker is a pneumatic production tool designed to hold wire crimpers, diagonal cutters, pop rivet guns, wire strippers and many other hand tools which are handle operated. This air actuated device eliminates the repetitive hand and arm stresses faced by workers in a production setting. Compact and easy to set-up and use, HandWorker is an affordable alternative to more complex and expensive production machine.