Artisan Alley

A Special Part of Research & Development

Started in 2006

From its beginnings in 2006, a little-known part of GRS called the “Artisan Alley” has provided a unique opportunity for artistic development. Recently, the “Alley” has moved and expanded. This creative studio is now physically part of Glendo’s Research & Development (R & D) department, located within the main shop building.

An Intern Program for Engraving Students

What’s the Alley for and who works there? This special work area provides developing engravers and other artists access to the latest tools for engraving, jewelry making, carving and similar skills. These tools include the latest GRS power and hand tools, plus experimental versions and entirely new tool concepts as well.

The Artisans include current Emporia State University students who are appropriately involved in the Engraving Arts Program. It’s a special part-time job that blends specific creative assignments with some open-ended artistic risk taking. Those who visit the GRS Featured Photos section of our website have already seen numerous examples of nice work in glass, several metals and man-made stone material.

Researching & Learning

Not only do the working Artisans have access to GRS tools, they are now purposely located near a complete machine shop including power saws, sanders, lathes, milling machines, grinders, welders, drill presses and a multitude of other power and hand tools. This allows fast creation of custom workpieces (such as belt buckles, bracelets, etc.) so the art is never limited by what is commercially available. As one of the first Alley Artisans and ESU student said, “I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this!”